Humans have exploited Earth to the point where it is no longer possible to live on it. Their only option is to relocate to Mars. When the last group of people has boarded the spaceship for the red planet, the Earth can finally breathe easy. Like an expressionist painting, Reboot depicts a world in which the absence of our species is the only chance nature has to recover its lushness and flourish once more. 


"Reboot" is primarily a stop motion animation using thinned down plasticine clay on glass. It was shot with a still camera and edited on the computer in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. There are approximately 2500 clay images in the 4 minute film. 

The clay is thinned with mineral oil. Then the colors are adjusted by heating the clay and mixing together different colors to achieve the desired color. After working out an animation sequence on the computer, each frame is printed on paper and serves as a template for the clay process. Each  template is placed on the animation stand where an image is fashioned over it with the clay. The 2-dimensional clay image is photographed from above, then manipulated slightly and shot again. This process is repeated until a film sequence is built up. The photos are then brought back into the computer for editing.

Reboot Trailer



Produced, Directed, Story, Art by Ellen Osborne

Music by Mark Chaet and Sergej Scheschinskij

Sound Design by Robert Feist

© 2018 "Reboot" Ellen Osborne, TurtleDove Studio

Running Time: 4 minutes

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